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PURPOSE: The purpose of this requirement is to introduce students to the historical, cultural, literary, or social traditions of the United States as these have been made manifest through the experience of different groups who have shaped the nation. The requirement attempts to help prepare students for responsible citizen-ship and leadership in the United States.

STUDENT OUTCOMES: Students should attain a level of critical and informed familiarity with American civilization that enables them to function responsibly as informed citizens of the United States. They should be able to think and to write critically about the North American historical, cultural, literary, or social traditions. Third, they should be able to engage both disciplinary and interdisciplinary methodologies in the study of the United States.

COURSE: One course from Core United States courses.


86   Native American Cultures
90   Cross-Cultural Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality
146 Perspectives on the Spanish and Native American Experience
157 Family and Kinship

Art History

46 Introduction to African American Art
66 African American Art History
140 Chicano/a Art
141 Native American Art
144 Art of the U.S. to 1913
145 Art of the U.S. from 1913
147 African American Women in the Visual Arts
148 African Americans and Photography
183 Contemporary Art


107A  Intercultural Communication
147A  The News Media
164A  Race, Gender & Public Health in the News
170A Communication, Law, and Responsibility


62/162 African American Dance History


119 American Economic History
136 20th-Century Economic History


106 Urban Education & Multi-Culturalism


30   Studies in American Literature-
31   Survey of American Literature I
32   Survey of American Literature II
35   African American Literature
35G African American Women Writers
36   Chicano Literature
37   Native American Literature
38   Asian American Literature I
39   Multicultural Literature of the United States
66   The Radical Imagination
67   US Gay and Lesbian Literature
69   Literature by Women Writers of Color
130 Studies in African American Literature
131 Studies in Early American Literature
132 Studies in 19th-Century American Literature
133 Studies in Modern American Literature
134 Studies in Contemporary American Literature
135 Studies in American Fiction
137 Studies in American Poetry
139 Special Topics in American Literature
140 Studies in Chicano Literature
155 Studies in Asian American Literature
158 Studies in Native American Literature II
192 American Theater from the Black Perspective

Environmental Studies

120 Introduction to Environmental Law and Regulation in the U.S.
122 U.S. Environmental Policy

Ethnic Studies

5 Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
10 Introduction to Native American Studies
20 Introduction to Chicano Studies
30 Introduction to African American Studies
31 Introduction to African American Art
35 African American Women Writers
40 Introduction to Asian American Studies
50 Introduction to Filipino American Studies
55 Cross-Racial Electoral Politics
96 Race, Gender, and Culture in the U.S. Through Film
121 Chicana/Chicano Families and Gender Roles
125 Latinas/Latinos in the U.S.
134 Black Social Movements
139 African American Psychology
141 Asian American Women
142 Asian American Communities
152 Multiracial Identities
154 Women of Color in the United States
155 Racism in the U.S.
156 Environmental Racism, Gender & Justice
157 Race, Gender, Class & the College Experience


9   U.S.: The 20th Century
81 Chicanos in the Southwest
84 Women in American Society
85 Introduction to United States Environmental History
96A Introduction to the History of the US
96B Introduction to the History of the US II
115 Gender, Race & Citizenship in the Atlantic World
170 Revolution, Confederation, Constitution
172 The Union in Crisis
173 The Modern Era: 1920-1960
176 Social Movements in 20th-Century America
177 Gays and Lesbians in United States History
180 Native Americans of the United States
181 American Women Since 1900
182 Sex and the Family in America
183 American Capitalism
184 Historical Geography of the United States
187 The American West


169 Business and Public Policy


20   Music in American Culture I
21   Music in American Culture II
164 History of the American Musical Theater

Political Science

1 Introduction to United States Politics
153 U.S. Minority Politics
154 Women and Politics


156 Managing Workforce Diversity
182 Gender in Human Development
189 African American Psychology


33   Social Problems in the US
150 Immigrant Businesses in the US
180 Immigrant Communities

Religious Studies

TESP 65 U.S. Hispanic Theology
TESP 158 Ethics of Immigration
RSOC 51 Religion in America
RSOC 111 Inventing Religion in America
RSOC 164 Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America


33 Social Problems in the United States
132 Social Stratification
140 Urban Sociology and Social Conflict
148 Diversity Issues in Contemporary American Organizations
149 Business, Technology, and Society
150 Ethnic Enterprises
152 Women and Men in the Workplace
153 Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
157 Family and Kinship
172 Management of Health Care Organizations
175 Race and Inequality
176 Elder Law
180 Immigrant Communities


133 Mexican American Literature Theatre


119 Modern American Theatre History
151 Fashion, Politics & Issues of Gender
161 American Theatre from Black Perspective
165 History of American Musical Theatre

Women’s Studies

14   African American Women Writers
50   Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
57   Women in American Society
101 Feminist Theory
111 Asian American Women
113 Race, Gender & Environmental Justice
114 Race, Gender, Class & the College Experience
115 Race, Class & Gender in the US
136 Gay and Lesbian Cultural Studies
138 Gays/Lesbians in US History
155 Family & Culture
173 United States Women since 1900
180 Women & Politics

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