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School Requirements - College of Arts and Sciences

In addition to the supplemental courses required for the B.A. and B.S. degrees in certain areas of the University Core Curriculum, the College of Arts and Sciences requires all of its students to complete one 4- or 5-unit course in either ethnic studies (for an understanding of racial and ethnic groups in American society) or women’s and gender studies (for an understanding of women and gender in society). All students must also complete a total of 4 quarter units in the fine arts. The courses listed below satisfy these requirements during the current academic year; additional eligible courses may be included in the quarterly Schedule of Classes under the College of Arts and Sciences requirements.


Note that ethnic studies and women’s and gender studies courses are co-mingled in the following list.


86 Native American Cultures
88 Women and Gender in the Middle East
90 Cross-Cultural Study of Women and Gender
146 Perspectives on the Spanish and Native American Experience
157 Family & Culture
187 Native American Cultures of the Pacific Coast

Art History

46 Introduction to African American Art
141 Native American Art
148 African Americans and Photography
188 Women in the Visual Arts


28 Human Sexuality


141 Love & Relationship in Classical Antiquity
185 Women in Ancient Greece
186 Women in Ancient Rome
187 Family in Antiquity


101A Vocation & Gender
106A Gender, Health & Sexuality
108A Communication & Gender
111G Feminist Research Methods
121A Minorities and the Media
164A Race, Gender & Health Policy in the News
167A Race, Gender & Public Health in the News


62 African American Dance History
66 Women in Dance History
162 African American Dance History
166 Women in Dance History


135 Gender Issues in the Developing World
155 The Economics of Immigration


106 Urban Education and Multiculturalism
163 Introduction to Teaching in a Multicultural Society


35 African American Literature
36 Chicano Literature
37 Native American Literature
38 Asian American Literature I
39 Multicultural Literature in the United States
67 U.S. Gay and Lesbian Literature I
68 Literature and Women
69 Literature by Women Writers of Color
79G Writing About Literature & Culture
122 Film, Gender, and Sexuality
125 Feminist Literary Theory and Criticism
130 Studies in African American Literature
135G Women & Gender in Fiction
140 Studies in Chicano Literature
152 Women, Gender, and Theory
153 Global Gay & Lesbian Cultures
155 Studies in Asian American Literature II
156 Gay and Lesbian Cultural Studies
158 Studies in Native American Literature
158G Native American Women Writers
166 Pan-African Literature
168 Women and Literature
186 Women in Antiquity
192 American Theater from the Black Perspective

Ethnic Studies

5 Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
10 Introduction to Native American Studies
20 Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies
30 Introduction to African American Studies
31 Introduction to African American Art
40 Introduction to Asian American Studies
50 Introduction to Filipino American Studies
55 Cross Racial Electoral Politics
96 Race, Class, and Culture Through Film
112 Native Peoples of the United States and Mexico
120 Mexican Immigration to the United States
121 Chicana/Chicano Families and Gender Roles
122 Chicana/Chicano Communities
125 Latinas/Latinos in the U.S.
134 Black Social Movements in the United States
139 African-American Psychology
141 Asian American Women
142 Asian American Communities
150 Racial/Ethnic Writers in Comparative Perspective
151 Educating Linguistic and Cultural Minority Students
154 Women of Color in the U.S.
155 Racism in the U.S.
156 Race, Gender & Environmental Justice
157 Race, Gender, Class & the College Experience
159 Historical Perspectives in Hip-Hop Culture

French and Francophone Studies

113 Francophone Cultures and Civilizations
174 French Novels and Films: Black African Women Writers
182 Women in French Literature: Authors & Characters
183 20th-Century French Women Writers
184 20th-Century French Women Writers in Translation

German Studies

182 Women in German Literature: Authors & Characters


81 Chicanas/Chicanos in the Southwest
84 Women in American Society
104 African Americans and Africa
113 Family in Antiquity
116 Sex & Gender in the Age of High Imperialism
119 Sex, Family & Crime in Mediterranean Europe 1300-1800
133 History of Sexuality
135 Women & Gender in Modern Europe
136 Gender, Race, & Class in 20th-Century Europe
143 Women in Political Revolutions
150 Women in East Asia
177 Gays & Lesbians in U.S. History
180 Native Americans of the United States
181 American Women since 1900
182 Sex and Family in America

Italian Studies

113 Cinema E Cultura
182 20th-Century Italian Women Writers


20 Music in American Culture I
22 Music of the Caribbean


4A Ethics and Gender
115 Feminism and Ethics
131D Love & Relationships in Classical Antiquity

Political Science

127 Global Perspective in Women and Law
153 Minority Politics in the United States
154 Women and Politics
185W/E Senior Seminar in Racial and Ethnic Politics


154 Psychology of Women
156 Psychology of Diversity
182 Gender and Human Development
189 African American Psychology and Identity Development

Public Health Science

28 Human Sexuality

Religious Studies

RSOC 41 Women's Spiritualities
RSOC 91 Native American Religions
RSOC 164 Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America
RSOC 168 Gender and Judaism
RSOC 170 Religion, Gender & Globalization
RSOC 184 Race & Religion in the United States
SCTR 26 Gender in Early Christianity
SCTR 50 The Bible: Race, War & Sexuality SCTR 117R Eve, Adam, the Serpent and the Rest of the Story
SCTR 39 Biblical Women and Power
SCTR 158R Post-Colonial Perspectives
SCTR 165R Gender & Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation
TESP 79 Women in Christian Tradition
TESP 131 Feminist Theology
TESP 139R RSS: Catholic Theology and Human Sexuality
TESP 175 Women's Theology from the Margins


132 Social Stratification
135 Gender and Social Change in Latin America
150 Ethnic Enterprises
152 Women and Men in the Workplace
153 Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
157 Sociology of Family
175 Race and Inequality
190 Immigrant Communities

Spanish Studies

133 Mexican American Literature


14 Chicano Theatre
15 Acting for Nonmajors in Multicultural Plays
65 Multicultural Theatre
151 Fashion, Politics, and Issues of Gender
161 American Theatre from the Black Perspective
167 Gender and Performance
189 August Wilson

Women’s & Gender Studies

1A and 2A Critical Thinking & Writing
11A and 12A Cultures & Ideas
50 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
51 Women in Global Perspective
76 Violence Against Women
101 Feminist Theory


Courses followed by one asterisk (*) offer 1 unit of credit; those followed by two asterisks (**) offer 2 units of credit. The 4 units necessary to fulfill this requirement need not be taken in the same subject or department.

Studio Art

30 Basic Drawing
34 Drawing from Nature
35 Basic Printmaking
43 Basic Painting
46 Basic Watercolor
48 Mixed Media Painting
50 Basic Black & White Camera and Darkroom
51 Exploring Society through Photography
52 Snapshot Photography
53 Introduction to B/W & Color Photography
57 Digital Photography
63 Basic Ceramics
64 Basic Sculpture
71 Digital Printmaking
74 Basic Computer Imaging
75 Basic Graphic Design
100 Art for Teachers

(Studio art courses numbered 131-179 also fulfill the fine arts requirement by offering advanced instruction in the above and other subjects. Many of these courses can be taken by students who have not had the elementary course but require upper-division units. Some upper-division courses still require permission of the instructor for enrollment. Be sure to consult the footnotes in the Schedule of Classes for this information.)


105B Oral Narrative: Storytelling
131B Intermediate Dramatic Production
132B Intermediate Documentary Production
134B Intermediate Studio Production


29 Rehersal & Performance
38 Movement for Athletes**
40 Jazz Dance I**
41 Jazz Dance II**
42 Jazz Dance III**
43 Ballet I**
44 Ballet II**
45 Ballet III**
46 Modern Dance I**
47 Modern Dance II**
48 Modern Dance III**
49 Dance Composition
50 Tap I**
51 Tap II**
52 Afro-Haitian Dance**
54 Mexican Folklorico Dance**
55 Musical Theatre Dance Styles
57 Children's Dance Production


71 Fiction Writing
72 Poetry Writing
126 Creative Writing & Social Justice
193W Playwriting

Environmental Studies

130 Environmental Art: Theory & Practice


1 Music Theory I
1A Aural Skills I
2 Music Theory II
2A Aural Skills II
3 Music Theory III
3A Aural Skills III
4 Music Theory IV
4A Aural Skills IV
5 Music Theory V
5A Aural Skills V
6 Music Theory VI
6A Aural Skills VI
7 Music Fundamentals
8 Introduction to Music
26 La Musica y Cultura Cubana
30 Beginning Piano
31 Intermediate Piano
33 Keyboard Proficiency
34 Beginning Voice
35 Intermediate Voice
36 Beginning Guitar
* All Music Classes from 40/140 - 93/193

(Private applied instruction is offered in voice and numerous instruments. All vocal and instrumental lessons taken for credit count toward fulfillment of the fine arts requirement.
See the listings under both music and performance studies in the Schedule of Classes for specific lessons offered.)


8 Acting for Nonmajors
10 Introduction to Theatre Arts
14 Chicano Theatre
15 Acting for Nonmajors in Multicultural Plays
17 Creative Dramatics and Puppetry
20 Acting I
21 Voice I
24 Acting II
25 Movement for the Actor
27 Children’s Theatre Production**
29 Rehearsal and Performance**
30 Introduction to Design
31 Introduction to Production
32 Costume Construction
33 Stage Lighting
35 Technology and Theatre
36 Makeup for Stage**
37 Graphics and Rendering for Theatre Design
38 Scene Painting
39 Production Workshop**
65 Multicultural Theater
110 Medieval Theater: Performances of Culture
160 Literature and Performance
170 Playwriting

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