Santa Clara University

Values in Science & Technology

Facilitator: Keith Douglass Warner, OFM; Center for Science, Technology & Society.

Our contemporary world is shaped by science and technology to such a profound degree that our students cannot be effective leaders and citizens without the capacity to critically engage the scientific and technological dimensions of society. This pathway invites students to understand the social values and social context of science & technology as social forces. It will provide opportunities for students from all majors to critically examine the practice of science, the social dimensions of technology, the role that these play in society, and the influences of social values on these. This pathway is open to all students interested in this topic, and one need not be a science or engineering major to choose it. Natural science and engineering majors will find it highly accessible because it includes required lower and upper division courses from these majors. Students in all majors are encouraged to take classes in the social sciences and humanities to integrate consideration of social values in their pathway. This pathway has roughly one hundred classes in it, but students should plan their upper division courses very carefully, since many of these are restricted to specific majors.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses

(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements, and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL            2A            Avant-Garde & Science
ENGL            2A            Cosmology & Controversy
ENGL            2A            Education & Identity: STS
ENGL            2A            Empire: Self & Others
ENGL            2A            Ethics & Activism
ENGL            2A            Ethics & the Environment
ENGL            2A            Nostalgia, Homesickness, Exile
ENGL            2A            Our Rhetorical Environments
ENGL            2A            Paradigms of Knowledge
ENGL            2A            Privacy, Gender & Identity
ENGL            2A            Race, Class & Taste
ENGL            2A            Rock Pop Hip-Hop: Exploring Music
ENGL            2A            Science, Ethics & Society
ENGL            2A            Science/Fiction
ENGL            2A            Science Literacy in the U.S.
ENGL            2A            Science, Technology, Self
ENGL            2A            Technology & Cultural Knowledge
ENGL            2A            The People of Tomorrow Today
ENGL            2A            The Rhetoric of the Economist
ENGL            2A            Trading Places: Art & Identity
ENGL            2A            What's for Dinner?
ENGL            2A            Writing about Sustainability
ENVS            2A            Analyzing Green Rhetoric

ANTH           1               Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH           2               Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH           5               Popular Culture & Bioanthropology
ANTH           130           Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH           132           Paleoanthropology
ANTH           133           Human Nutrition and Culture
ANTH           135           Human Development and Sexuality
ANTH           136           Forensic Anthropology
ANTH           140           Food Culture & Environment
ANTH           145           Historical Ecology
ANTH           147           Archaeology of Complex Societies

Art & Art History
*ARTH         140           Photography in the United States (formerly 186)

BIOL            4               Light and Life L&L
BIOL            18             Exploring Biotechnology L&L
*BIOL         23              Investigations in Evolution & Ecology L&L
*BIOL         109            Genetics and Society
*BIOL         117            Epidemiology (cross-listed with PHSC 100)
BIOL            135           Biofuels: Sustainable Energy (cross-listed with ENVS 135)
*BIOL         144            Natural History of Baja (cross-listed with ENVS 144)
*BIOL         150            Conservation Biology
*BIOL         153            Conservation Science (cross-listed with ENVS 153)
*BIOL         159            Plagues in the Age of Insects
*BIOL         171            Soc/Ethical Dimensions Biotech

Civil Engineering
*CENG       115            Civil Engineering Materials
CENG         115L          Civil Engineering Materials Lab (CENG 115 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       119            Designing for Sustainable Construction (cross-listed with CENG 219)
*CENG       140            Water Resources Engineering
CENG         140L          Water Resources Engineering Lab (CENG 140 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       143            Environmental Engineering
CENG         143L         Environmental Engineering Lab (CENG 143 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       144            Environmental System Designs
CENG         144L         Environmental Systems Design Lab (CENG 144 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       161            Sustainable Water Resources (cross-listed with CENG 261)
*CENG       219            Designing for Sustainable Construction (cross-listed with CENG 119)
*CENG       261            Sustainable Water Resources (cross-listed with CENG 161)

CHEM         1                Chemistry & the Environment
CHEM         5                Chemistry: An Experimental Science
CHEM         11              General Chemistry I L&L
*CHEM      11H            General Chemistry I L&L: Honors
*CHEM      183             Senior Research Experience

Computer Engineering
*COEN       150             Introduction to Information Security

COMM        12              Technology and Communication
*COMM     106G          Gender, Sexuality, and the Body (cross-listed with WGST 140)
COMM        120A         Environmental Communication
*COMM     149B          Science News:How to Report
*COMM     156A          Health Communication
*COMM     164A          Race, Gender and Public Health (cross-listed with WGST 116)
*COMM     176A          Biology of Human Communication
COMM        185A         New Media and Communication

*ECON      111             Economics of the Environment

*ENGL       108            Writing About Medicine: Issues & Debates
ENGL         138             Internet Culture & Info Society

ENGR         60               Sustainable Electric Energy
ENGR         90               Solar Decathalon Workshop
ENGR         110             Engineering Projects Community
ENGR         160             Nanotechnology and Society

Environmental Studies
ENVS         2                 Energy and the Environment
ENVS         10               Joy of Garbage
ENVS         20               The Water Wars of California L&L
ENVS         21               Introduction to Applied Ecology L&L
ENVS         22               Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS         23               Introduction to Earth Systems L&L
ENVS         80               Energy and the Environment
*ENVS      84                Spirituality and Sustainability (cross-listed with TESP 84)
ENVS         120             Intro to Environmental Law & Regulation in the U.S.
*ENVS       122             Environmental Politics and Policy (cross-listed with POLI 157)
ENVS         135             Biofuels: Sustainable Energy (cross-listed with BIOL 135)
*ENVS      144              Natural History of Baja (cross-listed with BIOL 144)
*ENVS      145              Environmental Technology
ENVS         146             Agriculture, Environment, & Development: Latin America
ENVS         147             International Environment & Development
*ENVS      152              Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity (cross-listed with TESP 152)
*ENVS      153              Conservation Science (cross-listed with BIOL 153)
*ENVS      158              Conservation Psychology (cross-listed with PSYC 158)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN         156             Environmental Racism, Gender & Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)

Experiential Learning for Social Justice
*ELSJ         135             Research in Social Entrepreneurship

HIST           85               Introduction to United States Environmental History
HIST           123             Plagues/Epidemics/Infections
HIST           125             History of the Senses
HIST           179             Science, Technology, Society

HNRS         20S             Difficult Dialogues

Int'l Environment & Development
SIS              471-900T   Int'l Environment & Development Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Liberal Studies
LBST          75               Technology and Education

Mathematics and Computer Science
CSCI           3                 Intro to Computing & Applic
*CSCI        10                Introduction to Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering
*MECH     121              Thermodynamics I
*MECH     144              Smart Product Design
MECH       144L            Smart Product Design-Lab (MECH 144 is a co-requisite)

*MGMT    177              Mgmt with the Internet for SME

MUSC        119             Music, Technology & Society
Operations and Management Information Systems
OMIS         34               Science,Info Tech, Busn & Soc

PHIL          9                 Ethical Issues and the Environment
PHIL          80               Science, Technology, and Society
PHIL          83               Neuroscience, Values & Science
*PHIL       140              Philosophy of Science

PHYS         5                 The Physics of Star Trek
PHYS         8                 Introduction to Space Sciences
*PHYS      32                Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
*PHYS      111              Electromagnetic Theory I

Political Science
POLI          157             U.S. Environmental Policy (cross-listed as ENVS 122)

*PSYC      43                Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC         50               Ways of Knowing
PSYC         83               Neuroscience,Values & Law
*PSYC      110              Advanced Research Methods
*PSYC      120              Perception
*PSYC      130              Psychology of Learning & Thought Process
*PSYC      131              Cognitive Psychology
* PSYC      158             Conservation Psychology (cross-listed with ENVS 158)
* PSYC      182             Psychology of Gender

Public Health
PHSC         1                 Human Health and Disease
PHSC         28               Human Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 33)
*PHSC      100              Epidemiology (cross-listed with BIOL 117)
*PHSC      120              Technology Innovation and Public Health

Religious Studies
*SCTR      35                Science vs the Bible: The Genesis Debates
*SCTR      170              Darwin & God
*SCTR      170R           RSS: Darwin & God
*TESP       64               Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination
*TESP       72               Darwin, God & the Poets
*TESP       83               Dialogues Between Science & Religion
*TESP       84               Spirituality & Sustainability (cross-listed with ENVS 84)
*TESP       86               Spirituality & Engineering
*TESP       139             Catholic Theology & Human Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 150)
*TESP       152             Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity (cross-listed with ENVS 152)
*TESP       157             Ethics in the Health Professions

*SOCI        49              Computers, Internet, and Society
*SOCI        120            Survey Research and Statistical Analysis
SOCI           149           Business, Technology & Society

Women's Studies
WGST         33             Human Sexuality (cross-listed with PHSC 28)
WGST         113           Environmental Racism, Gender & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156)
*WGST      116            Race, Gender and Public Health in the News (cross-listed as COMM 164A)
*WGST      140            Gender, Sexuality, and the Body (cross-listed with COMM 106G)
WGST         150           Catholic Theology & Human Sexuality (cross-listed with TESP 139)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites