Santa Clara University

Race, Place & Social Inequalities

Facilitator: James Lai, Political Science and Ethnic Studies

Courses in this Pathway will examine the intersections of race/ethnicity, place, and social inequalities within either a transnational comparative context including the United States or exclusively within the United States. Particularly important to this Pathway will be racial groups such as African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Multi-racial/ethnic individuals. In addition, Whites will be examined in regard to “Whiteness” and “White privilege” in relation to the above racial minority groups. The term “place” is open to various definitions such as the study of racial and ethnic communities in a particular geographic location (city, state, developed and developing countries, etc.), within dynamic and transient locations (place as national borders, transnational dynamics, etc.), and within sites of meaning and social valuation (place as social construct, metaphor, imagined community, etc.).

Students will be encouraged to explore ideas about race in relation to particular places and understand ways social inequalities influence

  • political mobilization and public opinion
  • multi-racial coalitions
  • public policies (education, health care, community redevelopment, etc.)
  • racial, ethnic, and religious identities
  • social movements
  • community and organization formations
  • race relations
  • artistic (literary, visual, and musical) expressions
Associated Courses

COMM          127A         Media and Social Movements

ENGL            35G           African American Women Writers (cross-listed with ETHN 35)
ENGL            36              Chicano Literature
ENGL            37              Native American Literature
ENGL            38              Asian American Literature
ENGL            39              Multicultural Literature of the United States (cross-listed with ETHN 70)
ENGL            132G         Studies in 19th-Century American Literature (cross-listed with WGST 164)
ENGL            135G         Studies in American Fiction
ENGL            140            Studies in Chicano Literature
ENGL            155            Studies in Asian American Literature
ENGL            158            Studies in Native American Literature
ENGL            158G         Native American Women Writers

Ethnic Studies
ETHN            5                Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity in the United States
ETHN            20              Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies
ETHN            30              Introduction to African American Studies
ETHN            31              Introduction to African American Art (cross-listed with ARTH 46)
ETHN            35              African American Women Writers (cross-listed with ENGL 35G)
ETHN            40              Introduction to Asian American Studies
ETHN            50              Introduction to Filipino American Studies
ETHN            51              Introduction to the South Asian Experience in the US
ETHN            55              Cross-Racial Electoral Politics (cross-listed with POLI 55)
ETHN            70              Multicultural Literature of the United States (cross-listed with ENGL 39)
ETHN            95              African American Independent Filmmakers
ETHN            96              Race, Class, and Culture Through Film
ETHN            112            Native Peoples of the United States and Mexico
ETHN            120            Mexican Immigration to the United States
ETHN            121            Chicana/Chicano Families and Gender Roles
ETHN            122            Chicana/Chicano Communities
ETHN            125            Latinas/os in the United States
ETHN            130            Black Political Thought in Action
ETHN            132            The History of Hip Hop (cross-listed with MUSC 132)
ETHN            134            Black Social Movements
ETHN            136            African Americans & Photography
ETHN            139            African American Psychology
ETHN            140            Japanese Americans & Concentration Camps
ETHN            141            Asian American Women
ETHN            142            Asian American Communities
ETHN            149            Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements (cross-listed with HIST 153)
ETHN            151            Education Inequality, Racism and Resistance
ETHN            152            Multi-Racial Identities
ETHN            153            Minority Politics in the United States (cross-listed with POLI 153)
ETHN            154            Women of Color in U.S. (cross-listed with WGST 112)
ETHN            155             Racism in the United States
ETHN            156             Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)
ETHN            157             Race, Gender, Class and the College Experience (cross-listed with WGST 114)
ETHN            159             Historical Perspectives in Hip Hop Culture
ETHN            178             Race and World War II (cross-listed with HIST 178)

HIST              64               Central America
HIST              91               Africa in World History
HIST              153             Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements (cross-listed with ETHN 149)
HIST              158             Turmoil and Reform: U.S. 1877-1920
HIST              161             Modern Mexico
HIST              163             Cuba and the Caribbean
HIST              177             Gays & Lesbians in United States History(cross-listed with WGST 138)
HIST              178             Race and World War II (cross-listed with ETHN 178)

LEAD            10               Difficult Dialogues

Liberal Studies
LBST             106             Urban Education and Multiculturalism (formerly EDUC 106)

Modern Languages and Literatures
*FREN           173            Immigration, Race, & Identity in Contemporary France

Music Studies
MUSC           132             The History of Hip-Hop (cross-listed with ETHN 132)
MUSC           134             Popular Music, Race, and American Culture

Political Science
POLI             55               Cross-Racial Electoral Politics (cross-listed with ETHN 55)
*POLI           153             Minority Politics in the US (cross-listed with ETHN 153)
*POLI           166             California Politics

Religious Studies
*RSOC         164             Religion ,Race and Ethnicity in America
*RSOC         91               Native Spiritual Traditions
*RSOC         184             Race and Religion in the United States
*TESP          64               Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination
*TESP          158             Immigration and Ethics
*TESP          165             Romero and the Salvadoran Martyrs
*TESP          184             Jesus Across Cultures

SOCI            33               Social Problems in the United States
SOCI            132             Social Stratification
SOCI            148             Stakeholder Diversity Issues in Contemporary American Organizations
SOCI            153             Race, Class, and Gender in the United States(cross-listed with WGST 115)
SOCI            165             Human Services
SOCI            175             Race and Inequality

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST          14               African American Women Writers (cross-listed with ENGL 35G & ETHN 35)
WGST          110             Native American Women Writers (cross-listed with ENGL 158G)
WGST          111             Asian American Women (cross-listed with ETHN 141)
WGST          112             Women of Color in U.S.(cross-listed with ETHN 154)
WGST          113              Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156)
WGST          114              Race, Gender, Class & The College Experience (cross-listed with ETHN 157)
WGST          115              Race, Class, and Gender in the United States (cross-listed with SOCI 153)
WGST          138              Gays and Lesbians in United States History (cross-listed with HIST 177)
WGST          164              Studies in 19th-Century American Literature (cross-listed with ENGL 132G)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites