Santa Clara University

Justice & the Arts

Facilitator: Kristin Kusanovich, Theatre and Dance; Co-Director, Justice and the Arts Initiative

Courses in this Pathway will help students develop an understanding of historical and/or contemporary works of art (music, theatre, dance and visual art) and literature as responsive, complex, critical or instigative in relation to issues of justice. Students in this pathway may be asked to analyze and reflect on artifacts already created, to experience live performance, or to create work themselves as a part of this inquiry.

Courses in this pathway expose students to a wide array of artistic processes and products that take as their theme issues of justice. Encountering these practices expands our notion of how art is a critical response to our world. It is through the incarnational arts, the visual, dramatic/literary, music, theatre and dance arts, that we are presented with all of the complexity, richness and difficulty of lived experience. Learning that occurs in and through these disciplines is never merely abstract, but engages the entire brain, all of the learning modalities and all of the learning styles. Art and art-making have a way of moving us to compassion and empathy, of expanding perception, of challenging the intellect, and of creating community. This pathway helps create a well-educated solidarity and gives students the tools to shape a better society and a more creative life.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL            2A             Art, Culture & Social Justice
ENGL            12A           Justice & Literature
PHIL              12A           Justice & the Just Society

Art and Art History
*ARTH          140            Photography in the United States (formerly 186)
*ARTH          143            Women’s Work: American Women in the Visual Arts (cross-listed with WGST 156; formerly ARTH 188)
*ARTH          144            Race, Gender, and Nation in the 18th and 19th Century American Art
*ARTH          145            Perpetual Revolution: American Art in the 20th Century

Arts and Sciences
ASCI              30             Ethics and Globalization

COMM          132            Documentary Video Prod L&L
*COMM       132B          Short Documentary Production

CLAS             180           Ancient and Modern Laughter (cross-listed with ENGL 162 [topic: Ancient and Modern Laughter] and THTR 181A)
CLAS             188           Classical Origins of Justice

*ENGL          54              Shakespeare
ENGL             66             Radical Imagination
ENGL             100           Literature & Democracy
ENGL             116           Shakespeare's Tragedies (cross-listed with THTR 116)
ENGL             117           Shakespeare's Comedies (cross-listed with THTR 117)
ENGL             118           Shakespeare Studies (cross-listed with THTR 118)
ENGL             122           Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 134)
ENGL             122AW     Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 134AW)
ENGL             126           Creative Writing & Social Justice
ENGL             150EL      Contemporary Literature
ENGL             162           Studies in Comparative Literature [topic: Ancient and Modern Laughter] (cross-listed with CLAS 180 and THTR 181A)
ENGL             192           American Theatre from Black Perspective (cross-listed with THTR 161)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN             65             Drama of Diversity (cross-listed with THTR 65)
ETHN             132           The History of Hip Hop (cross-listed with MUSC 132)

MUSC            21             Music in American Culture II
MUSC            119           Music, Technology & Society
MUSC            132           The History of Hip Hop (cross-listed with ETHN 132)
MUSC            134           Popular Music, Race and American Culture
*MUSC         156            Improvisation

 Religious Studies
*SCTR           39            Biblical Women and Power (cross-listed with WGST 47)
*TESP           46             Faith, Justice, & Poverty
*RSOC          136           Religion in Latin America

SOCI              153           Race, Class, and Gender in the United States (cross-listed with WGST 115)

Theatre and Dance
DANC            59             Teaching the Performing Arts (cross-listed with DANC 159)
DANC            159           Teaching the Performing Arts (cross-listed with DANC 59)
DANC            62             African American Dance History (cross-listed with DANC 162)
DANC            162           African American Dance History (cross-listed with DANC 62)
DANC            189           Social Justice and the Arts
THTR             27             Children's Theatre Production
THTR             44             Modern American Theatre History: Censorship, Arts Funding and Theatre Unions
THTR             65             Drama of Diversity (cross-listed with ETHN 65)
THTR             66             People's Theatre
THTR             116           Shakespeare's Tragedies (cross-listed with ENGL 116)
THTR             117           Shakespeare's Comedies (cross-listed with ENGL 117)
THTR             118           Shakespeare Studies (cross-listed with ENGL 118)
THTR             151           Fashion, Politics & Issues of Gender (cross-listed with WGST 183)
THTR             161           American Theatre from the Black Perspective (cross-listed with ENGL 192)
THTR             167           Gender and Performance (cross-listed with WGST 139)
THTR             181A        Ancient and Modern Laughter (formerly THTR 182A - Classical Comedy; cross-listed with CLAS 180 and ENGL 162 [topic: Ancient and Modern Laughter])

Women's and Gender Studies
*WGST          47             Biblical Women and Power (cross-listed with SCTR 39)
WGST            115           Race, Class, and Gender in the United States (cross-listed with SOCI 153)
WGST            134           Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with ENGL 122)
WGST            134AW     Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with ENGL 122AW)
WGST            139           Gender and Performance(cross-listed with THTR 167)
*WGST          156           American Women in the Visual Arts (cross-listed with ARTH 143)
WGST            183           Fashion, Politics & Issues of Gender (cross-listed with THTR 151)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites