Santa Clara University

Islamic Studies

Facilitator: David Pinault, Religious Studies

Courses in the Islamic Studies Pathway investigate Islam not only as a religion but also as a civilization and as a variety of cultural traditions, which have taken diverse forms in Muslim societies worldwide from the seventh century to the present. Students will have the opportunity to select courses from a variety of disciplines to investigate topics such as...

  • theological interpretations of Islam as a religious tradition
  • the interplay of politics and religion in our contemporary world
  • anthropological perspectives on Muslim populations
  • the history of Islam as a civilization and cultural phenomenon
  • Islamic themes in literature and the arts
  • interreligious and cross-cultural contacts among Muslim and non-Muslim traditions.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL            12A           Cross Cultural Contact
HIST              12A           Cultures of Islam

ANTH            156           Anthropology of Muslim Peoples & Practices
ANTH            187           Middle East: Gender & Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 120)
ANTH            188           People, Culture, and Change in the Middle East

Art History
ARTH            24             From Damascus to Dubai: A Survey of the Visual Culture of the Middle East
*ARTH         164            Islamic Art, 600 - 1350 C.E.

ENGL            128           Studies in the Literature of the Middle Eastern and Islamic World
ENGL            165           Studies in African Literature

Modern Languages and Literatures
ARAB           137            Arabic Culture and Identity
FREN            113            Francophone Culture & Civilization: Black African and Caribbean Women Writers (cross-listed with WGST 123)
FREN            114            Literature & Cultures of the Maghreb
*FREN          116            Major Works: French Lit II (topic: "French Orientalism" only; offered Winter 2011)
FREN            117            French Orientalism: The Representation of Otherness in Literature, Cinema & Visual Arts
*FREN          173            Immigration, Race, & Identity in Contemporary France

HIST             107            Spain and Morocco: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, 1300-1800
HIST             142            Modern Middle East and North Africa
HIST             144S          Islam in Africa (formerly HIST 144)
HIST             145            Islam in the Modern World

Political Science
POLI            25               Introduction to International Relations (topic: "Islamic Studies" only)
*POLI         142              Politics in Middle East

Religious Studies
RSOC          19               Egyptian Religious Traditions
*RSOC       81                Islam
*RSOC       154              Islamic Jesus
*RSOC       182              Shia Islam in the Contemporary World
*RSOC       190              Islam: Reformation and Modernity
SCTR         19                Religions of the Book
*SCTR       119               Law in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
*SCTR       125              Qu'ran Interpretation
*SCTR       126              Sufi Mysticism

The Middle East & World Affairs
SIS             319-900T    The Middle East & World Affairs Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST         120             Middle East: Gender & Sexuality (cross-listed with ANTH 187)
WGST         123             Francophone Culture & Civilization: Black African and Caribbean Women Writers (cross-listed with FREN 113)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites