Santa Clara University

Food, Hunger, Poverty & Environment

Facilitator: Gregory A. Baker, Management; Director, Food and Agribusiness Institute Department; Co-Facilitator: Erika French-Arnold, Assistant Director, Food and Agribusiness Institute Department

The Food, Hunger, Poverty, Environment (FHPE) pathway focuses on the complex interrelationships among food production, food consumption, hunger, poverty, and the environment. Students in the pathway will explore how the production, consumption, and distribution of food resources are impacted by a variety of factors, including the availability of resources, income levels, and environmental degradation. The production of food in fragile environments and the sustainability of subsistence food systems will be explored, including the role of agricultural development in reducing hunger and poverty throughout the world.

Associated Courses

ANTH            50            World Geography (cross-listed with POLI 50 and ENVS 50)
ANTH            133          Human Nutrition and Culture
ANTH            140          Food, Culture, and the Environment
ANTH            185          Peoples of Latin America

*BIOL           131          Agroecology L&L (cross listed with ENVS 132)

BUSN             150         Feeding the World
BUSN             151         Food, Hunger, Poverty, Environment Immersion Preparation

ECON             101         Resources, Food, and the Environment (cross-listed with MGMT 173)
*ECON          134          African Economic Development
*ECON          160          The Economics of Poverty and Inequality   

ENGL             159         Studies in Indian Subcontinental and Diasporic Literature
ENGL             165         Studies in African Literature

Environmental Studies
ENVS             20           The Water Wars of California L&L
ENVS             21           Introduction to Applied Ecology L&L
ENVS             22           Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS             50           World Geography (cross-listed with POLI 50 and ANTH 50)
*ENVS           132         Agroecology L&L (cross listed with BIOL 131)
ENVS             146         Agriculture, Environment, and Development: Latin America
ENVS             155         Environmental & Food Justice
ENVS             161         The Moral Vision of Cesar Chavez: Agriculture, Food and Environment in Catholic Social Teaching

Ethnic Studies
ETHN             156         Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)

HIST               106         You Are What You Eat: History of Foods, Drugs, and Medicine

Int'l Environment & Development
SIS                  471-900T Int'l Environment & Development Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

MGMT           173         Resources, Food & the Environment (cross-listed with ECON 101)

PHIL               9             Ethical Issues and the Environment

Political Science
POLI               40           Politics of US Econ Policies
POLI               50           World Geography (cross-listed with ANTH 50 and ENVS 50)
POLI               171W     Int'l Environ & Devel Sem I

Religious Studies
*TESP             46           Faith, Justice, & Poverty

SOCI               33           Social Problems in the United States
SOCI               134         Globalization and Inequality
SOCI               165         Human Services

Theatre & Dance
DANC             69/169    Walk Across California

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST             113         Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites