Santa Clara University

Applied Ethics

Facilitator: Margaret R. McLean, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and Religious Studies

This pathway invites students to explore the application of critical ethical thinking to real world problems, thereby deepening their understanding of their vocational and educational choices. Courses in this pathway address ethical issues in areas such as communication, economics and business, healthcare, politics, gender, sustainability, diplomacy and war. All pathway courses include intentional and sustained discussion of the practical ethical dimensions of course content. Courses raise a wide range of applied ethics problems in diverse fields and professional arenas. Ethics is by nature interdisciplinary, drawing on diverse theories, methodologies, and traditions in various disciplines, including biology, engineering, gender studies, literature, organizational theory, philosophy, and religious studies. Pathway courses support students' critical consideration of specific real life dilemmas and their exploration of methodologies and reasoned solutions to controversial practical moral issues. (Please note—most courses in this Pathway do not satisfy the Core Ethics requirement.)

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL            2A            Ethics & Activism
PHIL              12A          Personal Identity & Community (Vallor)

*ACTG          144           Accounting Ethics

Arts and Sciences
*ASCI            198          Applied Ethics Internship: Health Care (cross-listed with ELSJ 198)

*BIOL           171           Social and Ethical Dimensions of Biotechnology

*COMM        149B        Science News: How to Report on Topics
*COMM        164A        Race, Gender and Public Health in the News (cross-listed with WGST 116)
COMM          168A        Race, Gender and Politics in the News (cross-listed with WGST 117)
COMM          170A        Communication Law & Responsibility

*ENGL          78            Writing for Ethics in Biotechnology & Genetics
*ENGL          108          Writing About Medicine: Issues & Debates
ENGL            123          Studies in the History of Literary Theory: Ethics and Literature

Environmental Studies
*ENVS          84            Spirituality and Sustainability (cross-listed with TESP 84)
*ENVS          152          Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity (cross-listed with TESP 152)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN            156          Environmental Racism, Gender, and Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)

Experiential Learning for Social Justice
*ELSJ            198          Applied Ethics Internship: Healthcare (cross-listed with ASCI 198)

*FNCE          130          Ethics in Finance
FNCE            180          Open Book Management

*MGMT        6              Business Ethics (cross-listed with PHIL 6)
*MGMT        160          Organization and Management
*MGMT        160S        Management of Organizations - LSP

PHIL              2              Introduction to Ethics
PHIL              4A           Ethics & Gender (cross-listed with WGST 58)
PHIL              5              Ethical Issues in Society
PHIL              6              Ethical Issues in Business (cross-listed with MGMT 6)
PHIL              7              Ethical Issues in Medicine
PHIL              7B           Ethics and Public Health (cross-listed with PHSC 7)
PHIL              9              Ethical Issues & Environment
PHIL              10            Ethical Issues in the Law
PHIL              70            Philosophy and Disability
PHIL              80            Science, Technology, and Society
PHIL              111          Bioethics and the Law
PHIL              113          Ethics and Constitutional Law
PHIL              114          Ethics and Criminal Law
PHIL              116          Ethics, Authenticity, Freedom and Vocation
PHIL              119          Special Topics: Applied Ethics (The Moral and Legal Status of Prenatal Humans (Nelson), Issues in Reproductive Ethics (Steinbock) topics only)
PHIL              122B       Political Philosophy and Ethics: Contemporary
PHIL              124          Virtue Ethics
PHIL              154          Philosophy of Law
*PHIL            180A       Ethics Bowl
PHIL              199L       Ethical Dilemmas: Business and the World (London Semester Program)

Note: The normal prerequisite for all philosophy upper-division courses is upper-division standing.

Political Science
POLI              30            Introduction to Political Philosophy
*POLI            167          Making Public Policy

*PSYC           114          Ethics in Psychology (cross-listed with PSYC 114EL)
*PSYC           114EL     Ethics in Psychology - ELSJ (cross-listed with PSYC 114)

Public Health Science
PHSC             7              Public Health and Ethics (cross-listed with PHIL 7B)

Religious Studies
*RSOC          135          Architects of Solidarity
*RSOC          157          Religious Traditions and Contemporary Moral Issues
*RSOC          170          Religion, Gender & Globalization (cross-listed with WGST 146)
*SCTR          128          Human Suffering and Hope
*TESP           46            Faith, Justice & Poverty
*TESP           64            Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination
*TESP           84            Spirituality & Sustainability (cross-listed with ENVS 84)
*TESP           88            Hope & Prophetic Politics
*TESP           119          Theology, Sex & Relationships
*TESP           143          Theology and Ethics of Thomas Aquinas
*TESP           152          Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity (cross-listed with ENVS 152)
*TESP           156          Christian Ethics and HIV/AIDS
*TESP           157          Ethics in the Health Professions
TESP             158          Immigration and Ethics
*TESP           159          Ethics of War and Peace
*TESP           163          Christianity and Politics
*TESP           164          Religious Ethics in Business

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST           58            Ethics and Gender (cross-listed with  PHIL 4A)
WGST           113          Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156 )
*WGST         116          Race, Gender and Public Health in the News(cross-listed with COMM 164A)
WGST           117          Race, Gender and Politics in the News(cross-listed with COMM 168A)
*WGST         146          Religion, Gender & Globalization (cross-listed with RSOC 170)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites