Santa Clara University

Foundation Sequences

Documents available to assist with the scheduling of Core Foundations sequences:

The primary means of transmitting information about topics for Foundations sequences to administrators who need that information is via the full-year spreadsheet in the academic year plans. Each department offering CTW and C & I sequences will specify the topic for each sequence to be offered when the spreadsheet is returned to the Registrar and the A&S Dean’s Office. All updates and changes should be provided via that same spreadsheet. The Registrar will provide the spreadsheet to the Director of the Core and the Director of RLCs in May as they prepare to pre-enroll incoming students in Foundations sequences in June.

When adding CTW and C&I sequences to the  full-year plan spreadsheet, the department representative will confirm that each topic requested by faculty has been approved and is worded exactly as it has been entered in the pdf lists of CTW and C & I topics by comparing it to the approved list of CTW and C&I topics at the URL listed above. If the topic is new or not approved, see “New Topics” below.

Continuing faculty may revise approved syllabi and develop new topics for CTW and C & I sequences if the chair approves. The Policy on Modifications of Courses Approved for Core 2009 is posted on the Core web site and appended to this document (see Appendix A). Requests from continuing faculty for new topics and/or changes affecting existing CTW or C & I topics should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies in time to be approved before May.

New Faculty

Chairs may offer new faculty a choice of previously approved topics and/or opportunities to develop new topics for CTW and C & I sequences. Topics, descriptions, and first-year experience themes for new sequences are needed by mid-June; syllabi can be submitted for review by the FCC during the summer.

New Topics

Chairs, administrative assistants, and office managers, should submit any new topics, descriptions, and themes to the Core Director as soon as they are available, with information about when the syllabi are likely to be ready for review. It is important to specify when new CTW sequences have an STS topic, so that the STSPar attribute can be added in PeopleSoft.

Once the new topic and description have been approved, the Core Director will

  • Ask the Registrar to add the new topics and descriptions to the database in PeopleSoft and the pdf listing CTW and C&I topics
  • Inform the chair, administrative assistant, and/or office manager that the topics have been approved and can be added to the full-year plan spreadsheet for submission to the Registrar and dean.



For Continuing Faculty:

As soon as continuing faculty have been assigned to teach CTW and/or C & I 1 and 2 (usually mid-March), they should confirm the topics they will use for the sequence so the department representative can include them on the full-year plan spreadsheet that is submitted to the Registrar and the dean, after checking the pdf of approved CTW and C&I topics on the Registrar’s website ( for the exact topic.

If a department agrees to have continuing faculty offer new topics, faculty must submit the syllabi and first-year experience themes to be associated with the topic to the Office of Undergraduate Studies for approval. The Core Director will notify the Registrar of newly approved topics and descriptions so that PeopleSoft and the pdf of topics can be updated.

Faculty may also review the themes associated with previously approved sequences and send requests for changes to the Core Director; when the requests are approved, the Core Director will notify the Director of the RLCs and the Registrar.

For New Faculty:

Shortly fter new faculty have accepted offers of positions teaching CTW and/or C&I at Santa Clara, they will need to select an approved topic for their CTW and/or C&I sequences or ask the chair to submit a new topic and short description on their behalf. A pdf of first-year experience themes associated with approved CTW and C&I topics will be available on the Core web site.

For all new topics, the chair should provide the Core Director with topics (30 character maximum, including spaces), short descriptions (100 word maximum), and first-year experience themes for the sequences as soon as possible. Topics for sequences of CTW with STSpar  should be distinguished from regular CTW sequences. The syllabi can be submitted later.

The Core Director will send the new topics, course descriptions, and themes to the Registrar so the Registrar can create the topic in PeopleSoft and notify the department chair that the topic can be added to the full-year spreadsheet and submitted to the Registrar and dean as usual

First-Year Experience Themes (Download Full PDF)

  • Art, Expression & Communication
  • Civilization & its Histories
  • Community & Society
  • Cultural Interaction
  • Global Issues
  • Personal Identity & Choices
  • Politics, Economics & Social Science
  • Social Justice
  • Science & Technology
  • Sustainability & Environment