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Contact the Staff

For general inquiries, please E-mail us or call 408 551 7032.

Dr. James Bennett
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Religious Studies     408 551 1910     117 Varsi Hall

Dr. Chris Bachen
Director of Assessment
Associate Professor of Communication     408 551 3298     114 St. Joseph's Hall

Dr. Andrea Brewster
Curriculum Manager, Experiential Learning for Social Justice     408 554 2148     110 Varsi Hall

Rob Covich
Program Associate, Undergraduate Studies     408 551 7032     Varsi Hall, first floor 

Dr. Philip R. Kesten
Associate Provost, Undergraduate Studies
Director, Residential Learning Communities
Associate Professor of Physics     408 554 4311     111 Varsi Hall

Dr. Erin Kimura-Walsh
Assistant Director, LEAD Scholars Program
Academic Year Lecturer in Ethnic Studies     408 554 2129     105 Varsi Hall

Dr. Leilani M. Miller
Director, University Honors Program, LEAD Scholars
Program, Office of Fellowships
Associate Professor of Biology     408 554 4427     106 Varsi Hall

Dr. Laura Nichols
Director, Core Curriculum
Associate Professor of Sociology     408 551 7131     304 O'Connor Hall

Kathryn Palmieri
Director, Drahmann Advising and Learning
Resources Center     408 554 4318     101 Kenna Hall

Nina Tanti
Director, Peer Educator Program
Lecturer in Modern Languages     408 554 5177     112G Kenna Hall

Carole Wentz
Assistant to the Director of the University Honors Program,
LEAD Scholars Program, Office of Fellowships     408 554 4439     Varsi Hall, first floor

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