Santa Clara University


Undergraduate Research Initiative

The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) was launched in 2008 to:

  • expand research opportunities for SCU undergraduates,
  • foster a culture supportive of undergraduate research, and
  • develop an infrastructure for undergraduate research.
The initial components of the initiative include:
  1. Web resources.  As part of the new University research website, a searchable database of research projects is available.  The project descriptions will be populated as faculty build profiles in the system.   After a few months, a robust listing of projects should be available.
  2. Undergraduate Research Mentorship in Faculty Teaching Loads.  As part of the Undergraduate Research Initiative, we will explore various mechanisms for more fully integrating the scholarly activities of faculty into the curriculum.  In particular, we seek to develop new approaches for recognizing the mentorship of undergraduate research in a faculty member’s teaching load. In winter 2008, six pilot projects were funded through a competitive proposal process (the request for proposals is available).  Two individual faculty projects that focus on current practices were selected and four departmental proposals  that focus on new models were funded. Descriptions are featured on the right.
  3. Communicating Current Undergraduate Research Successes.  As part of the URI, the Office of Marketing and Communications is developing extensive new materials highlighting the current campus undergraduate research activities.  The materials including interviews, photos and videos will be used on new admissions materials and the research website in Fall 2008.
  4. Fundraising.  The URI is working with University Relations to pursue opportunities to fund undergraduate research programs.

For more information,  please contact Amy Shachter, Associate Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs.
2008-09 Pilot Projects for Integrating Undergraduate Research Mentorship in Faculty Teaching Loads
Individual Faculty Pilot Projects

Go Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Biology 

Go Tracey Kahan, Psychology

Departmental Pilot Projects

Go Mathematics & Computer Science

Go Religious Studies

Go Sociology


Go Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Go Economics

Go Environmental Studies

Go Psychology