Santa Clara University


Undergraduate Studies

Santa Clara is committed to the education of the whole person in the Jesuit and Catholic tradition with a vision of developing men and women to be leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. The Santa Clara undergraduate program is designed for students who seek an integrated education with a strong humanistic orientation in a primarily residential setting.

  • iconCore Curriculum

    Santa Clara expresses its most basic values in its Core Curriculum, the set of courses taken by all students. The Core Curriculum seeks to prepare Santa Clara graduates for intelligent, responsible, and creative citizenship.
  • iconHonors Program

    The University Honors Program fosters intellectual excellence, an appreciation of ethical context, and an awareness of the spiritual and religious dimensions of human existence.
  • iconLEAD Scholars Program

    The LEAD Scholars Program is a four-year program for first generation college students, focused on academics, community engagement, and service.
  • iconResidential Learning Communities

    Residential Learning Communities are communities of students who take some classes together, live together, and experience college in a way that is so much more than just living in a dorm. Every freshman, most sophomores, and many juniors and seniors are part of an RLC. 
  • iconDrahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center

    The Drahmann Advising Center is home to undergraduate Academic Advising and Learning Resources.
  • iconOffice of Fellowships

    The Office of Fellowships mentors and advises students about their academic, service, and volunteer work in pursuit of the more than 25 named fellowships for which Santa Clara students are eligible (Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Madison, Truman, and Jack Kent Cooke, for example) as well as provides direct support for potential candidates in the application process.
  • iconPeer Educator Program

    Created in 1997 as an experiment in enhancing student learning, the Peer Educator Program is designed to facilitate and enrich the learning supported by undergraduate instruction at Santa Clara University.