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WASC Resources

  • Assessment and Accountability publications are available from the American Association of Colleges and Universities (click here to be redirected to the AACU website). Click here for a PDF of Our Students' Best Work: A Framework for Accountability Worthy of Our Mission (2004).
  • Capacity and Preparatory Review Workshop, Presented at the 2008 WASC Annual Meeting April 16-19, 2008 (PDF)
  • Data Mart Institutional Research (PDF)
  • Inaugural Address by Harvard's President Drew Faust (click here to be redirected)
  • U.S. Department of Education: Final Report of the Secretary's Commission on the Future of Higher Education (2006) (pdf)
  • Past Re-Accreditation Process Materials
  • Rubrics
    • SCU Adaptation of WASC Core Rubric 2008 (doc)
    • Rubric for Core or General Education Assessment (doc)
    • Educational Effectiveness Framework Rubric (pdf)
    • Evaluating Institutional Proposals (pdf)
    • Assessing the Integration of Student Learning Assessment into Program Reviews (pdf)
    • Assessing the Quality of Academic Program Learning Outcomes (pdf)
    • Assessing the Use of Capstone Experiences for Assessing Program Outcomes (pdf)
    • Assessing the Use of Portfolios for Assessing Program Outcomes (pdf)
  • Summary of Key Statistical Data (pdf)
  • WASC Core Commitments and Standards Redline (02/08) (pdf)
  • WASC Handbook of Accreditation (Revised February 2008)
  • WASC Policies Manual (March 2009)
  • WASC Program Review Resource Guide 2009
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Click here to be redirected to the website)
  • WASC worksheet for Preliminary Self Review (word) (pdf)
  • Faculty Senate Council Assessment Report
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