Santa Clara University

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Self Study Committees

WASC Self Study Steering Committee

  • Diane Jonte-Pace, Vice Provost, Chair
  • Steve Chiesa, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Alma Garcia, Professor, Sociology (on leave Winter-Fall 2009)
  • Carol Giancarlo Gittens, Associate Professor, Liberal Studies and Education
  • Linda Kamas, Associate Professor, Economics
  • Ellen Kreitzberg, Professor, Law
  • Bruce Lescher, Associate Academic Dean, Jesuit School of Theology
  • Bob Numan, Professor, Psychology
  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life
  • Elizabeth Salzer, University Librarian, Information Services
  • Shauna Shapiro, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology
  • Paul Soukup, S.J., Professor, Communication
  • Barbara Stewart, Director, Institutional Research
  • Jennifer Taylor, Director, Graduate Business Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Manuel Velasquez, Professor, Management

Sub-committee: Educating for Competence, Conscience & Compassion

  • Manuel Velasquez, Professor, Management, Chair
  • Carol Giancarlo Gittens, Associate Professor, Liberal Studies and Education
  • Gail Gradowski, Librarian, University Library
  • Cynthia Mertens, Professor, Law
  • Tom Plante, Professor, Psychology

Sub-committee: Supporting the Teaching Scholar Model

  • Bob Numan, Professor, Psychology, Co-Chair
  • Sherry Booth, Senior Lecturer, English
  • Michael Eames, Associate Professor, Accounting
  • Ed Maurer, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Bill Prior, Professor, Philosophy
  • Rick Scott, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Sub-committee: Promoting a Community of Inclusive Excellence

  • Alma Garcia, Professor, Sociology, Chair
  • Phyllis Brown, Associate Professor, English
  • Mary D. Ho, Director, Center for Multicultural Learning
  • Yahia Mahamdi, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Kitty Murphy, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Monica Parikh, Director, Learning Resources and Advising Outreach, Drahmann Center
  • Kevin Quinn, S.J., Executive Director, Ignatian Center
  • Jennifer Taylor, Director, Graduate Business Admissions and Financial Aid

Former Steering Committee & Sub-committee Members

  • Terry Beers, Professor, English
  • Michelle Burnham, Professor, English
  • Mark Aschheim, Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Michael Colyer, Ignatian Center
  • Francine Davis, Admissions
  • Margaret Russell, Professor, Law
  • Betty Young, Professor, Physics
  • Gerdenio Manuel, S.J., Associate Professor, Psychology


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