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Lisa Millora

Lisa Millora, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Provost's Office Relations

The Senior Assistant Provost is responsible for doing background research, conducting analyses, preparing reports, drafting policies, and developing proposals on institutional issues related primarily to academic affairs, faculty affairs, and associated issues. The position involves consultation and collaboration with a broad range of academic and administrative areas, including the College and the Schools, University Centers of Distinction and administrative offices that report to the Provost.

Prior to being named to the Senior Assistant Provost position, Lisa Millora served as a Provost's Fellow, a short-term position for emerging professionals to gain experience working in central academic administration. To take on the Provost's Fellow role, she returned to the University after leaving in 2007 to pursue a Ph.D. in the Higher Education and Organizational Change Program at UCLA. During her first time working at the University, she served as an assistant dean in the Office of Student Life where she worked on a variety of initiatives to educate and support students, including a two-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Justice to prevent and reduce violent crimes against women.

Her Ph.D. research focused on intersections among higher education, civic engagement, and social change, and she has a keen interest in how the politics of race, religion, and gender affect those relationships. Her dissertation (Institutional Diversity in the U.S.: A Study of How a Women's College, Historically Black College, and Christian College Contribute to the Social, Political, and Economic Fabric of a Diverse Democracy) is an in-depth examination of three education institutions and the contributions or detractions that diverse institutional types make to a diverse democracy. Lisa also holds a M.A. in Higher Education Administration and a B.A. in Political Science from Boston College.

Lisa has presented and published research on a variety of topics, including the influence of college students' international education experiences on global engagement, students' understanding of race and national identity, and differences in students' psychological well-being among different racial groups.

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