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University Award for Recent Achievement in Scholarship

The University Award for Recent Achievement in Scholarship recognizes scholarly or creative work over the previous five years by a faculty member that represents a major contribution to a field of knowledge or to the arts.

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2013 Award Winner

Ed Maurer
Civil Engineering

maurer210Ed has published 23 articles during the past five years and has eight manuscripts pending review. He routinely gives invited talks at nationally-significant venues and collaborates with prominent investigators from institutions such as the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, The Nature Conservancy, UC Davis, the University of Washington, and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He spent his sabbatical at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2011 as a Fulbright Scholar. He recently was appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Water Resources Association. His own research relates to large-scale modeling of land surface processes, including hydrologic modeling, predictability of runoff, and climate change effects on water resources.

2012 Award Winner

Lisa Kealhofer

Lisa Kealhofer demonstrates the power of interdisciplinarity to shed new light on long-standing questions. An expert in identifying things that are so small that they can be seen only with a microscope, our colleague then links them to the big questions of how cultures develop and decline. A recognized expert in the archaeology of southeast Asia and Turkey, she has been awarded significant research support by the National Science Foundation, the Australian Research Council and the School for Advanced Research. Her work has influenced the scope of research questions addressed in her field and the methodologies used to address those questions. And, she has pushed for regional-scale archaeological research to demonstrate that examining patterns across multiple sites within a region can shed new light on long-standing anthropological questions.

2011  Award Winner

Fabio Lopez-Lazaro

lopez-lazaroFabio Lopez-Lazaro has produced an extraordinary body of excellent scholarship over the last five years, including two important books, five major articles, and scholarly papers delivered around the world. His wide-ranging and meticulously researched works deal with law, ethnobotany, history, gender, early modern political theory, and pirates. His range of thematic concerns parallels his cultural and linguistic interests: eight research languages, archival work all over the world, and conference presentations in London, Spain, Morocco and Holland. His most recent book represents an extraordinary scholarly breakthrough. Through painstaking archival sleuthing, he overturned 400 years of “common knowledge” by discovering solid evidence that a work which for centuries has been presumed to be a novel is in fact a historical text about a historical figure. The resulting study has already begun to have a significant impact on his and related fields as scholars now rethink earlier analyses and assumptions about the (now) non-fiction narrative The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramírez.

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Previous Honorees

2012 - Lisa Kealhofer (Anthropology)

2011 - Fabio Lopez-Lazaro (History)

2010 - Michelle Oberman (Law)

2009 - Michelle Marvier (Biology/Env.Sci.)

2008 - SunWolf (Communication)

2007 - Sanjiv Das (Finance)

2006 - Michael Carassco (Chemistry)

2005 - Tom Plante (Psychology)

2004 - Tim Urdan (Psychology)

2003 - J. David Pleins (Religious Studies)

2002 - Nam Ling (Computer Engineering)

2001 - June Carbone (Law)

2000 - John Hawley (English)


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