Santa Clara University


Faculty Resources

  • iconFaculty Development

    The Faculty Development Program supports the professional development of all Santa Clara faculty as teaching scholars. To learn more, click on the link.

  • iconResearch Initiatives

    Santa Clara University actively fosters the scholarly activities of its faculty and students by offering research funding and support. Please click on the link to learn about this support.

  • iconWork-Life Balance

    Santa Clara provides faculty with the tools needed to balance their multiple obligations; it offers a generous package of resources so faculty can succeed professionally while maintaining healthy personal lives. Click on the link to learn about these resources.

  • iconFaculty Senate

    The Faculty Senate develops and expresses the opinion of the faculty on academic and professional matters to make the collective experience and knowledge of the faculty available to the University president and to facilitate the participation of the faculty in forming the policies of the University. Please click on the link to learn more.

  • iconAwards and Honors

    The University recognizes faculty for their outstanding contributions to teaching and scholarship. Click on the link to see a list of recent award recipients.