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Santa Clara University is committed to undergraduate excellence and our faculty members dedicate the majority of their time to their students. In the Jesuit tradition, these teaching scholars push students to think, question, and consider both the macro and the micro. Our outstanding faculty includes nationally recognized authors and poets, award-winning teachers, respected experts, experienced Jesuits, and novel researchers. Here is a snapshot of the variety of research our faculty engage in.

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Math Professor Ed Schaefer is as comfortable solving abstract geometry problems as he is tackling the dilemma of how to mitigate Africa’s AIDS crisis.


Predicting the future is easy for Business Professor Manoochehr Ghiassi. All he needs is the right algorithm. A software he developed has been used to identify the value of employee stock options in the future.


Art History Professor Andrea Pappas believes in hands-on training. Her students were actively involved in producing the 2008 de Saisset exhibit "Eye on the Sixties: Vision, Body, and Soul."

Pattipict_9498742_2Psychology Professor Patricia Simone is interested in how the brain stays nimble as we age. Her undergraduate research assistants often assist her, studying a population much older than themselves.

Engineering Professor Cary Yang is used to working on a small scale. As director of the Center for Nanostructures, he works with an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students to develop the next generation of chip technology.


Biology Professor Ángel Islas, who is also director of SCU's biotechnology program, is working to identify why some cells stay healthy and others don't.


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