Santa Clara University

Rose Nakamoto ,M.A.

Associate Director

As the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning, Rose brings a range of previous experience, including coordinating internship and career development programs, overseeing the recruitment and talent acquisition process within HR, and managing a global executive education program for rising senior leaders within high tech and fortune 500 companies. Additionally, she has had significant global work, study and service-learning experiences in Southern Africa, South America and Europe. Rose brings her passion for developing people to the Career Center where she supports the incorporation of internships and experiential learning into the undergraduate experience.She consults with faculty, staff, and employers seeking internship program development and management support. She also develops programs to support students with pursuing experiential learning opportunities and she serves as the career counseling liaison to Sciences and Graduate Engineering students. Her inspiration in work is to support students through the discovery of how their education, strengths, and passions align with a fulfilling and meaningful career.