Santa Clara University

Phone: (408) 554 - 4900
Room number: Benson 212

Maggie Malagon

Director, Housing Business Services

Maggie Malagon earned both her Bachelors in Finance with a minor in Spanish degree as well as a Masters in Counseling degree at Santa Clara University. Additionally, Maggie worked in the finance industry for four years before joining a non-profit consumer counseling organization.  In 1998 Maggie returned to her alma mater and joined the Housing and Residence Life team as the Assignments Manager and progressed to her current position as the Director of Housing Business Services. Maggie has thoroughly enjoyed her work within this critical area of a student's campus experience.

Maggie knows first hand, what it means to be a first-generation Latina college student and recognizes the sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears, which are inevitably a part of any college students’ life.  There is nothing she appreciates more than knowing that her team's work is making it a bit easier for Santa Clara students to continue their academic work while building community.  Maggie embraces the notion that making connections is essential to feeling grounded and able to take on the many challenges which students and their families encounter.  There is a daily concerted effort within the Housing Office to provide students with the best opportunity to make said connections.

During her spare time, Maggie enjoys reading, writing and baking - she makes an amazing chocolate chip cookie.  Just ask any of her nieces and nephews and they'll confirm just how great those cookies taste!  Maggie is also very involved with the regional Student Housing professional organization and has begun work to develop a Women's Leadership group, which she hopes will continue to empower women to dare greatly!

Maggie highly encourages incoming students to explore the great opportunity that is attending Santa Clara University and challenges them to discover aspects of their being they didn’t know existed.  As a future Santa Clara University graduate, you will be among the 6.7% of the earth's population who will possess a college degrees so use this time and opportunity wisely!

Maggie also considers the following two films among her very favorites. The first film is Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Audrey Hepburn is one of Maggie’s favorite movie icons and who can’t love and appreciate the fashion in this movie?!  Maggie's second favorite film is Schindler's List for this was the first film that helped her understand that even among chaos and tragedy, one person can make a difference, if only they take the courage to step outside of their own comfort.