Santa Clara University

Kevin Kozel

Kevin Kozel is a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Lafayette, California. He grew up enjoying the outdoors, especially wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. His passion for social justice began when he volunteered at food shelters in St. Anthony?s Dining Room in the Tenderloin and Dorothy?s Kitchen in Salinas. He also found inspiration in his older sister who has spent over a year
volunteering at an AIDS clinic in South Africa. In the summer of 2012 he had the opportunity to visit and work with her at the clinic as well as teach at the local school
outside of Durban, SA. This opened his eyes to the disparity of wealth in the world, which further fueled his desire to go out and make a difference. This fellowship appealed to him because it gave him the opportunity to make a positive impact on people?s lives while allowing him to use his engineering skills. He has always had an interest in solar energy and is excited to work on improving the distribution of sustainable energy throughout developing countries. During his time in the Engineering school and participating in various projects, he has learned to work well with others, especially interdisciplinary teams. Looking forward to the future, Kevin is eager to tackle the challenge of solving global problems with local solutions. He wants to continue his work in developing countries after graduation and continue to improve the standards of living around the world.