Santa Clara University

Lauren Farwell

Lauren Farwell is a junior Political Science major with minors in Sociology and French and Francophone studies. What drew her to this action research fellowship was the ideaof focusing on a particular society's most pressing social issues in a way that perhaps the government or businesses cannot or will not. She was attracted to the goals of social entrepreneurship: innovatively, ethically, and practically implementing ideas and solutions relevant to a population to positively affect society. Social change is something that has greatly impacted her interests and her studies. Lauren was intrigued by Anudip's mission of providing job skills and training to women and youth in rural village areas on India because of the extreme underdevelopment, lack of infrastructure, and lack of employment opportunities she saw while living in a rural west African village in Burkina Faso for two months. Anudip aims to bring employment opportunities to populations and locations where such opportunities are out of reach. Her experience learning photography and creating photo narratives of African village life for village libraries contributed to her interest in her specific position with Anudip. Since freshman year at SCU, Lauren has been very involved as a volunteer and as a Program Coordinator for various programs within Santa Clara Community Action Program, an organization in which each program aims for social age in homeless and poor communities, in education, in health and disabilities, and in empowerment. Through her immersion trip to East L.A., her work with Latino immigrant groups in the bay area, through her studies and research, and her quarter abroad in Burkina Faso, Lauren has become driven to empower communities, and hopes to pursue an NGO or policy career that does the same. The GSB Fellowship working with Anudip/iMerit inKolkata, India will be an incredible opportunity to explore innovative approaches and gain skills for implementing such social change.