Santa Clara University

Melissa Bica

Melissa Bica is a Computer Science and Engineering major graduating in 2014. She is working with Anudip and iMerit, two social enterprises which serve to provide IT
skills training and livelihoods to rural women in India. After an immersion trip to the Tenderloin and SOMA districts of San Francisco the previous spring, and studying abroadin Edinburgh, Scotland in the fall, she became very interested in both traveling abroad and social justice. She also had her first technical internship and worked with mobile applications the previous summer, and wanted to continue gaining technical experience in a unique way. All of these interests attracted Melissa to the Global Social Benefit Fellowship, which presented an opportunity to combine her computer engineering expertise with her desire for working for and researching a larger social cause. She plans to contribute her love for traveling and new cultures, passion for empowering women in technical fields, and experience with programming and mobile application development to the fellowship. She is interested in gaining a new perspective of social change by working in the field of social entrepreneurship, a route not very common in her field of study. In the future, Melissa plans to undertake a senior design project based around research done in this field and through working with Anudip and iMerit. Ideally, she would like to develop new tools to aid in further improving the curriculum of these social enterprises.