Santa Clara University

Jack Bird

John (Jack) Bird is an Environmental Science and Political Science double major in the class of 2014 and is working with Lifeline Energy. Jack was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado where he developed a passion for nature and the thrill of the outdoors. Growing up close to nature instilled in him a sense of responsibility toward the environment, which originally motivated him to try and pursue a career in environmental law. Since studying at Santa Clara University, Jack has developed an interest in the intersection between the environment and human development, particularly in regard to sustainable agriculture and food security. He believes that environmental protection and human development should be viewed as one in the same and that finding innovative methods for addressing both disciplines is critical for the creation of a more sustainable and equitable world. Jack believes that social entrepreneurs have tremendous potential in this regard as they look to find new, creative solutions that address issues surrounding sustainable development. Jack hopes to apply what he has learned about things such as sustainable agriculture to the creation of new strategies for the developing world. Through this fellowship, Jack hopes to gain valuable insight into the best ways to promote sustainability in the developing world and use that to pursue a higher degree in Environmental Science and perhaps a career in environmental policy.