Santa Clara University

Laura Ruggles

Laura Ruggles is a double major studying Anthropology and Spanish Studies from beautiful Silverton, Oregon. She is thrilled to be working with Lifeline Energy in Zambia this coming summer. Learning about new places and cultures has always interested Laura, particularly in regards to how a society can be shaped by outside factors. Her interest in action research really started when she studied abroad in El Salvador during the Fall of 2012 with the Casa de la Solidaridad. Part of her time there included accompanying the community of Santa María de la Esperanza, where she learned about their unique communal land system and heard their testimonies about the civil war. While in the country, she learned about and was able to see first-hand some of the effects government policy has had on marginalized people there. Laura is excited to learn about how a social entrepreneurship might be a source to work with marginalized groups to affect change. While Laura still has not decided specifically what career path she would like to move towards after graduation, she wants to have a career that enables her to be an aware, responsible, and participatory member of the global community and is positive that this opportunity working with Lifeline Energy will help with her vocational discernment.