Santa Clara University

Lynsey Cumberford-Palmer

Lynsey Cumberford-Palmer is a Bio-Anthropology major with French and Public Health Sciences minors. She will graduate in 2014. Lynsey has spent most of her life abroad, living in Japan and Saudi Arabia. Lynsey's family spent 18 years in Saudi Arabia where Lynsey attended an international school which fostered her interest in international development and anthropology. While living abroad, Lynsey had the opportunity to travel extensively and learn about the social and economic injustices of the world. Lynsey is passionate about the environment and sustainability, notably in developing nations.  After graduating college, she plans to travel and do medical anthropology research before returning to the U.S. for graduate school. Lynsey would eventually like to continue action research in the bioanthropological field and implement culturally streamlined environmental and public health practices around the world. She enjoys hiking, traveling, wandering through farmers' markets and practicing yoga. Throughout her college career, Lynsey has been passionate about various cultures around the world and innovative development strategies. In the fall of 2012, Lynsey studied abroad in Florence, Italy and interned with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and got her first taste of working with international non-governmental organizations. Working with a non-profit organization helping to bring education through innovative technology, the Lifeline Energy project in Zambia is a fantastic fit for Lynsey.