Santa Clara University

Myles Sansone

Myles Sansone is a Mathematics and Computer Science double major from Orange
County, California, and a member of the 2014 graduating class. Throughout his
schooling, he has always been intrigued by the analytical process of mathematics, which has led to a fascination in software analysis. He plans further specify his studies more towards the subjects of cryptography and security along with applied mathematics. Beyond his major, Santa Clara has broadened and enhanced his thinking about both environmental justice and its connection to the developing world, while increasing his ambition towards understanding cultures different from his own. Although it does not align closely with his studies, he believes that social entrepreneurship is the best way to combine his training in mathematics and computer science, more specifically statistical analysis, with his motivation to collaborate with people of developing nations in order to make a positive impact on their lives on the ground at an individual level. Being able to experience the true one on one interaction is what truly brought his attention towards the fellowship. After his time with Solar Ear, he hopes that he can take specific elements, unique towards this experience, with him to his graduate school of choice. He is certain that this fellowship will further develop his research abilities, leadership, and collaborative teamwork skills essential to wherever his career path takes him. He continues to further increase his knowledge surrounding computers and mathematics, while still being able to pursue his desire to understand the true elements of environmental justice.