Santa Clara University

Natalie Lays

As a member of the class of 2014, Natalie Lays is majoring in Psychobiology with
a minor in Public Health and will be working with SolarEar in Brazil. Growing up in
Colorado but having the opportunity to travel internationally, she has developed a
passion for global health. As a child she always dreamt of becoming a doctor. At a
young age she fell in love with the culture and people of Central and South America,
getting the opportunity to work with them during several high school and family work
trips. During her time at Santa Clara she has been exposed to social entrepreneurship, and is interested in how her passion for global health can collaborate with social entrepreneurship. She is interested in exploring the ways in which frugal innovation can address the most pertinent global health issues. SolarEar appealed to her because of the opportunity to combine her passion for culture and global health. In the future Natalie hopes to work as a doctor overseas and views her work with SolarEar as an opportunity to learn how to best collaborate with other cultures and better serve base-of-the-pyramid communities.