Santa Clara University

gsbf, 2013

Lizzy Donahue

Lizzy Donahue is a Computer Science and Engineering major graduating the summer
of 2014. On choosing Computer Science as her major she soon realized the dismal
numbers of other women enrolled in similar programs and quickly felt herself drawn
to the cause of inspiring other women to join Science, Technology, Engineering and
Medicine related fields (particularly, of course, Computer Science). Teaching girls
how to use "app inventor" (a visual programming tool for Android) during the 2011
Technovation Challenge was her first opportunity to really dig into the cause. She visited an underserved High School in San Jose to work with some incredible young women on developing an app to educate their community about science, and she couldn't have loved it more. After interning at a corporation, she realized she really wanted a job where she felt she was giving back to the community. Soon after she happily was pointed to this fellowship. She was chosen to work with Equal Access to help improve SMS-based communication. She hopes her problem solving skills, understanding of mobile paradigms and coming research on SMS-servers combined with her passion to uplift women and girls through education will serve Equal Access well. She also participates in the newly formed ACM-W on campus, sings and runs a club for science fiction, fantasy and anime enthusiasts.