Santa Clara University

Location: Nobili Hall

Andy Paul

President and CEO, Corsair

Andy Paul has over 30 years experience in semiconductor and electronics Marketing and Sales, and over 22 of those years have been in CEO capacity.

He founded Corsair in 1994, and has served as President and CEO since its inception. Andy was one of the first in the industry to realize that PC components, formerly commodity items, could be sold as branded items based on value-added design, technology and testing. Under Andy's direction, Corsair Components has become a world-recognized brand, with 9 products lines consisting of a variety of high performance components used to build very fast PC gaming machines. Corsair reached $450M of revenue in 2011.

Before founding Corsair Memory, Andy, in cooperation with Cypress Semiconductor, started Multichip Technology, a module company, which he later sold to Cypress.

Andy started his career at Fairchild Semiconductor, after graduating from City University, London, with an Honours Degree in Physics and Electronics. He currently resides in both San Francisco and Sonoma with his wife and two Fox Terriers.

An avid sailor, Andy conceived of the company with the other founders while on his boat, and subsequently Corsair was named after a particularly fast and maneuverable ship and the logo was specified to include sails.