Santa Clara University

Courses taught:
COEN 226, 253, 386

Rance DeLong

Rance J. DeLong has more than 35 years of software development experience, with a focus on security and high-assurance systems. Mr. DeLong is a member of the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Information Assurance at Santa Clara University, where he teaches graduate courses including Secure Systems Development and Evaluation I & II, Certification and Accreditation, Software Architecture, and Principles of Programming Languages. He is currently the lead scientist for the development and assurance of a high-assurance separation kernel. Mr DeLong?s current research activities include methods and tools for high-assurance secure systems development, compositional system construction and certification, the MILS architectural approach, and a knowledge-based system for the development of security specifications. He serves on the advisory group for the DARPA CRASH program and on the ISO SC27 Working Group 3. Mr. DeLong holds a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Philosophy from Moravian College, and has done extensive post-graduate study in computer science at Lehigh University and Stanford University.