Santa Clara University

Frugal Innovation Lab

Formed as a partnership between SCU's Center for Science, Technology, and Society, and the School of Engineering, the mission of the Frugal Innovation Labs (FIL) is to develop accessible, affordable, and appropriate technologies, products, and solutions for emerging markets.  FIL fosters collaboration between engineers, social entrepreneurs, students, and researchers to incubate and scale development projects in clean energy and global health technology.  

Frugal Innovation combines the missions of both School of Engineering and CSTS with the three Cs of Santa Clara University's academic mission: competence, conscience, and compassion. FIL achieves this by offering graduate and undergraduate courses, hosting student and faculty research projects, and promoting field-based solutions for social entrepreneurs.
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Quick Facts:
Name: Frugal Innovation Lab
Founded in: 2011
Founder and Director: Radha Basu
Courses Offered:
1.       Engineering for the Developing World
2.       Mobile Applications and Instrumentation for Emerging Markets
3.       Clean Energy for the Developing World
4.       Technology, Innovation & Public Health
Frugal Innovation Definition: Frugal Innovation is a process of problem solving in which the needs and context of developing world consumers are put first. Products and solutions are designed to provide appropriate, affordable, and sustainable solutions to basic problems facing people living in underserved communities worldwide.