Santa Clara University

Gustavo Cortez '13

International Ambassador

Why do you want to serve as an International Ambassador at Santa Clara University?
  Because I went to Brazil and I want to help other students that plan on going to Brazil/South America. No student could help me with my trip to Brazil because no one studied abroad there the year before me, so I don't want another student to go without a hint of what they are getting into.

What were the deciding factors in choosing your study abroad program-location?
  Learning Portuguese, training Jiujitsu, being far away from my comfort zone.

Describe a defining moment in your abroad experience.
  The last day I gave lessons at Favela Vila Prudente, I realized how trapped these children really are. as I am going to the United States back to school, these children stay in their favela. They are likely to never make it out.

What advice would you give to prospective study abroad students?
  Do things you wouldn't do at home, take up a hobby, save money before you go abroad!!!! Have an open mind, get ready to be really sad and really happy.