Santa Clara University

Mike Looney

Mentor Network Director, Global Social Benefit Institute

Michael Looney started his career in education as an inner city school teacher for the National Teacher Corps in Portland, OR. To spend more time counseling troubled youth he earned a masters degree in Psychology, Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and worked as a psychotherapist for six years at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.  An interest in organizational effectiveness and empowerment led to a Ph.D. in Communications and a career in Organization Development consulting.  

Due to a combination of this varied background and being at the tipping point of the personal computer revolution in education, Dr. Looney joined Apple Computer in 1983 as their first education account manager in upstate NY. This led to a 27 year career in high tech education sales, marketing and general management for companies such as Apple, Claris, Digital Equipment Corp., and Adobe as well as several education start-ups. His achievements have been measured both in terms of revenue and profitability for these companies as well as value-added attributes such as curriculum and learning tools for students and teachers alike. Mike left Adobe in 2006 as the head of their several hundred million dollar Education business unit.
Mike is currently a Partner with Korora Partners, Inc. providing Business Development consulting in his core areas of Education and Digital/Mobile Publishing (for smartphones and tablets).  He also does Executive Coaching Organization Development consulting.
Inspired by the Tech Laureates at the 2006 Tech Awards and a desire to do things which provided greater meaning in his life, he joined the GSBI as a mentor. He has worked directly with Social Entrepreneurs from Kenya, India, South Africa, Philippines, Guatemala, and Haiti.  He became the Director of GSBI Mentor Network as a part-time staff member at Santa Clara University in 2011.