Santa Clara University


Vipin Garg, Steven Gong, and William Reed

                   In a word, the Milagro Water Wheel is a solution to a major theme expressed by so many in the developing world: easy access to clean water. Although there are existing solutions to provide clean water, for example, dispensing clean water through kiosks, due to the remoteness of the villages where many people reside, people often have to travel long distance and carry heavy loads to obtain and clean water. Customer surveys by several Clean Water organizations have shown that the main impediment to their growth is the difficulty in carrying the water home. The Milagro Water Wheel provides a novel water transport product that is designed from the ground up with the developing world consumers in mind. It provides a simple, rugged, and sustainable solution to the water transport problem that could facilitate people’s access to clean water. The Water Wheel sells for the same price as existing water containers, while offering a 40:1 reduction in the effort to carry water.