Santa Clara University


Pramod Kumar, Jesse Encarnacion, and Lilian Obura

InnoNext has been established with a mission of identifying problems in local villages that would traditionally be solved through charity work and will create local entrepreneurial models ultimately run by local residents. As some experts note, for all the promise of market-based business models, most ventures are viable in markets in which the disadvantaged have at least some income or assets. InnoNext identified a market in Kenya that is prime for agricultural products that also has a need of solar energy products due to the fact that the locals cannot afford electrification costs. Our venture will be bootstrapped by its founders and expect to break even after about 13 months of operation. Our mission is to create a sustainable, social distribution model where we improve the livelihoods of the people by helping generate income from gainful employment or entrepreneurial activities that can elevate their economic status to be consumers of non-essential items.