Santa Clara University

"Green Technos"

Shripriya Devarajan, Eman Khodary, Jake Roths, and Shawn Tokairin

 We are looking to offer a service that will help fisherman preserve their fish, sell their catch for higher prices, and reduce the amount of fish that is discarded back into the ecosystem.  This service would put ice trucks in the poor fishing villages previously mentioned.  Trained workers would wait in the harbor, collect and label the fish brought in by each fisherman who accepts the service, and take the catch to the market to sell for a fair price.  This will allow fisherman to reach a larger market, including inland areas previously unable to receive fresh fish.  Fish unable to be sold will be bought at wholesale prices by local farmers who will use it as feed for their animals.  Our overhead will be approximate 30% of the sales of the fish, which will be used to offset transportation costs, pay the workers, and pay our capital expenses.