Santa Clara University

"Giligan Bank"

Evan McClure and Connor MacNulty

 The Giligan Bank is a grouped system of bicycles that use Nokia's cell-phone charging bicycle adapters in all conditions and environments in a communal setting to overcome the difficulties inherent to Nokia’s adapter that only works when the bike is in motion. It's also not always possible to ensure proper riding conditions in developing worlds. By simply lifting the tires of a bicycle to eliminate movement through space, the chargers remain effective no matter if it wet, dry, cold, or hot. Chargers can be used inside or outside for the greatest convenience of the riders, making the task of charging a phone a task that only depends on the availability of time, not the availability of a safe place to bike. A lifted bike remains easy to move so space won't be a major issue, and can still easily be used as a means of transport when needed. The system is easy to setup and use, requiring no fancy equipment or parts, just a few boards to place under the screws holding the tires in place that will lift them to a point where they no longer make contact with the ground. Maintenance of a lifted bike is minimal as the stress most vulnerable parts of the bike – wheels, brakes, and chain – is next to nothing.