Santa Clara University

Dale Spender

University of Queensland Management Consultant on Intellectual Property and e-Learning Australia

 Dale Spender is a knowledge management consultant with special interests in intellectual property and e-learning. Because her focus is on the new technologies, she develops policies and strategies for making information to buy and sell in the online, global, information economy. She analyses the way that online learning works, and researches and advises on the new forms of learning and earning. She designs and presents professional development packages for teachers and educational policy makers and for learning managers in the public and private sector. With Fiona Stewart, she has authored reports on e-learning for universities and in Australian schools and the online learning section for The Australian Higher Education supplement. Dale Spender has supervised/ examined many research/ PD students and has taught in universities around the world including - MIT Media Lab and Cambridge University.  Dale Spender was awarded an AM for her services to literature and to women, and she has been instrumental in developing an innovative financial product which supports homeless women