Santa Clara University

Shahid Firoz

Former Vice Chairman, Economic Development Council President of the World Trade Center Karachi, Pakistan

Shahid Firoz is a dynamic and prosperous professional from one of the old business families of Pakistan.  He has been involved in very diverse businesses including Telecommunications, Satellite Services, Cellular Telecom, International Trading of Petrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Data Networks, Leisure and Entertainment, Construction, Real Estate, and Manufacturing of Building Materials. Shahid Firoz sits on many Boards in the country. He is a Member of the Task Force on Information Technology in Islamabad, Member of the Board of Advisors to Minister of Science and Technology. Also sits on some of the International Boards including the prestigious office of the New York based Worldwide Committee on Trade and Fairs. (WTCA)  He has extensively traveled to over 71 countries. Shahid Firoz was until recently the Vice-Chairman of the Council for Economic Revival of Karachi and is presently also a member of the Task Force for Promoting Investment/Economic Revival in Pakistan.