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Ricardo B. Levy

Ricardo Levy

Ricardo B. Levy is an executive and entrepreneur whose career spans more than three decades of founding and building successful businesses.

Born and raised in South America to a European immigrant family, he completed engineering studies in the United States at Stanford and Princeton before returning to South America to run a family business. In 1969 he sold the business and returned to the United States to complete his PhD at Stanford in the field of catalytic chemistry. In 1974, after a number of years in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, he co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture, Catalytica, a research and development firm serving the chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries. The firm's discoveries resulted in  over one hundred patents and led to the formation of three companies, one of which became, under Levy's leadership, the largest supplier to the pharmaceutical industry in North America. 

Ricardo currently serves on several public and private corporate boards of directors.