Santa Clara University

Room number: 55

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Joan Stein '81

Joan Stein '81 has been volunteering at the National Alliance on Mental Illness for the last two years.  She mostly works the warm line which is the phone line for people to call into if they would like to talk to someone.  When people call in, Joan is often the first person to provide support for both those with mental illness and their family members.  She guides them to support groups and classes which assist them in understanding and coping with mental illness.  Sometimes people who need assistance come into the NAMI office.  We try to guide them to brochures and or to the extensive lending library.  Often the people who come in just need someone who is non-judgmental to listen to them.  Sometimes they need hugs, which are given freely.


Although Joan notes that "it can be a little stressful, but when I can help someone it provides me with immeasurable joy."