Santa Clara University

Room number: 47

Sense of reward

Mayra Contreras '09

Mayra Contreras '09 -  As an intern-teacher at Sacred Heart Nativity School, Mayra feels she has learned a lot at this learning based community. She started last year by teaching Writing, Literature, Spanish, and P.E. Although the classes were led by a lead teacher, as the year progressed Mayra was able to teach half the class on her own.

This current school year, she is teaching four Spanish classes to both 6th & 8th grade classes, as well as 7th grade Writing and 7th and 8th grade P.E. It’s been a challenge, but with the help of the lead teachers and the teacher education classes Mayra is taking at Santa Clara, she has been able to have a great experience. Each day Mayra feels she learns something new in and outside the classroom. Not only has she been able to lead in the classroom with the students but has also been able to partake in and lead afternoon and Saturday School activities.

One thought Mayra would like to share with fellow Broncos about her volunteer internship is “I can say that even though we have long hours, those hours spent with the kids I work with are worthwhile. I give my best to the students I work with and in return I have received a warm welcome and affection from both the kids and the parents. We have wonderful parents! It’s an amazing community that continues to grow. Seeing my students going off to high school and stay on a steady path to college gives me the sense of reward, and makes me feel like we are making a difference in our kids’ lives.”