Santa Clara University

Room number: 43

Sacred Heart Nativity School

Morgan Murphy '08 MA '11

Morgan  Murphy ‘08 MA ‘11 has been teaching as an intern at Sacred Heart Nativity School for the past 3 yrs.  Being an intern teacher at Nativity school is similar to volunteering with Teach for America.  The goal of Nativity school is to break the poverty cycle through education.  The students and teachers at Nativity school are working together during 10 hour school days and two Saturday school days a month.  The college prep curriculum challenges everyone.  Morgan teaches literature, science, geography, and religion and has co-taught classes such as writing and physical education.  Morgan doesn’t just teach these active middle school students, she also eats, plays, tutors, and has fun with them each day.  In addition to teaching full time for the past three years, she has been studying for her multiple subject credential and Master’s degree in Education at Santa Clara University.

One thought she'd like to share with fellow Broncos about this experience is “As an undergraduate student at Santa Clara I learned how to become a teacher. As a graduate student at Santa Clara and an intern at Sacred Heart Nativity I have truly been blessed to have found a vocation for life.”