Santa Clara University

Room number: 41

Working at Grand Central Food Program (GCFP)

Stephanie Wessels '10

With the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Stephanie has had the exciting and challenging experience of living for the past eight months in New York City.  JVC's slogan is "ruined for life" and for her it has been life changing. As cliche as it may sound, Stephanie notes that it rings quite true for her. As a Jesuit Volunteer, she has been working at the Coalition for the Homeless, specifically working for the Grand Central Food Program (GCFP). GCFP is a mobile soup kitchen that Stephanie where manages the volunteers.  She also works together with her team to do outreach with clients and refer them to other services the Coalition can provide. Having the relational experience with so many people from so many backgrounds Stephanie feels it has opened her eyes to the numerous injustices in our world today.  She writes “It's "ruined" the way I see everything.”

After completing her JVC commitment in New York City, Stephanie will do an additional year in New Orleans. Working for social justice at a local nonprofit is extremely rewarding and educational, but Stephanie feels the combination of the other three values of JVC is what makes this experience worth it. “Living in an intentional community, simply and including spirituality gives me a clearer lens to understand the social injustice I see on a day to day basis. It also provides sustenance for me to continue the next day and keep giving it 100%. Trying to live out all four values, as best I can, makes me happier with the person I am. SCU initially opened my eyes to this life and JVC has helped me continue it.”