Santa Clara University

Room number: 40

Teatro Catalina

Katie Fitzgerald '09

Katie Fitzgerald '09 loved the fact that the Theatre Arts department was small and therefore she knew everyone and received individual attention the teachers. She was so inspired her junior year by a class called Social Justice and the Arts which encouraged her to combine her love for service with her love for theatre. With support from the Theatre and Dance Department and the Justice in the Arts Initiative (JAI), she began a club called Teatro Catalina with the goal of creating a sustainable connection between SCU and a small rural village in Nicaragua called Villa Catalina. With a generous donation from the SCU Jesuit community, Teatro Catalina was able to build a stage in this small community. Following graduation, Katie made the decision to serve full time in Nicaragua with an organization called Amigos for Christ. This organization provided the opportunity for her to continue her dream of Teatro Catalina. Now, almost two years later, there is a group of around 15 youths who participate in the theatre program. To date, they have completed two full shows, "Snow White" and "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". For Katie, it has been amazing to share her talents and gifts with these kids who would otherwise never have the opportunity to do something like this. Teatro Catalina is about bringing two cultures together through the medium of theatre and creating an environment that encourages creativity, unity, and self expression."