Santa Clara University

Scholarship recipients

Catherine Duyn '11

To say that Santa Clara is in the blood is not an idle statement for Senior Communications major Catherine Duyn.  Her parents, Denise and Robert are both members of the Class of Catherine Duyn1979, her uncle John is a member of the class of 1974, her uncle Carl graduated from SCU in 1984, and her brother Mike—a member of the class of 2007—met his wife at Santa Clara during his sophomore year, and this doesn’t even take into account her cousins, aunts and other family members who also attend Santa Clara.  So, when it was time for Catherine to pick a school to attend, it is no surprise that she looked to Santa Clara.  She “knew I would be happy here, and that Santa Clara felt like home.” 

Catherine’s time spent on campus at alumni events, meeting her parents’ college friends and listening to them talk about Santa Clara or looking through her parents wedding album at pictures of the mission church as a child made her realize that she “would get a good education and meet amazing people here because I had already seen it happen!”


Her parents’ personal connection to Fr. Coz goes back to their days on campus.  Fr. Coz attended her father’s bachelor party, and was at DeLaSalle when her brother’s attended school there (she says that she was “always jealous of my brothers because they were at De La Salle with Fr. Coz and they got pulled out of class to hear funny stories about our parents.”).  Just as her parents’ generation made strong connections with Fr. Coz and the other Jesuits on campus while they were at Santa Clara (Catherine and her three brothers were all baptized by SCU Jesuits), she has been influenced by Paul Soukup, S.J., a professor in the department of communication.  “Fr. Soukup is the head of the Communication Department, but he is also my advisor. He has gone above and beyond for me in the past three years.  Whether it was help deciding my major, trouble with a teacher, or even an interview for my journalism classes he has helped me so much! I have e-mailed him with the silliest questions and worries and he has always come through with helpful advice."

Financial Assistance for Catherine, as it is for close to 80% of all SCU students, is an important part of making Santa Clara affordable.  The financial assistance afforded by the Fr. Coz Scholarship helps Catherine feel “that I am able to lighten the burden for my family and contribute.”   Her experiences at Santa Clara have prepared her for the future, and her semester abroad allowed her to see a whole new part of the world and experience a different culture.

To all those who have made the Fr. Coz Scholarship possible, Catherine says, “THANK YOU! I know financially it is a hard time for everyone and it means the world to me that I was able to receive this money.  Fr. Coz has affected so many people’s lives, my family included.  It means the world to me that I was chosen for this scholarship.  I look forward to becoming a part of this great group of Santa Clara Alumna and giving back.  My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

While she would love to figure out a way to stay at Santa Clara (her father has vetoed her plan to fail a couple of classes in order to stay for an extra year), Catherine hopes to find a PR or media relations job after graduation with a company that she “cares about and really gets to know through and through.  I would also love to travel some more or even work abroad for a couple of years.”