Santa Clara University

Jada Marsden '12

Global Research Fellow

My name is Jada Marsden. I'm a sophomore at Santa Clara University majoring in Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies. I'm am studying abroad in the exchange program at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby in Canada. I love editing photos on Photoshop, watching vlogs on YouTube, reading free scholarly articles online, trying to play the guitar, running, and playing tennis with my family.

Right now, I'm feeling excited, nervous, ambivalent, scared, and hopeful about my trip abroad -- all at the same time! I'm happy that school is ending but that just means that the next big thing in my life is study abroad. While I'm excited for a new adventure, I'm also nervous and scared about starting what is basically a new "me" in a different country. In all honesty, I had a rather hard time adapting to life at Santa Clara my first year. When all of my high school friends went to college with people they knew, I was at college all by myself with no friends and family to rely on. Only now, two years later, do I feel more myself. Even then, I often ask myself, "Can I ever feel truly comfortable being me?" I worry about these thing for my time studying abroad since thirteen weeks in a foreign country is hardly a gradual change. But I guess adapting and going with the flow is part of the learning experience. As the She & Him song goes, "Change is hard, I should know."