Santa Clara University

Riva in London.

Riva Sutanto '12

Global Research Fellow

My name is Riva Sutanto, an international student from Indonesia. My nationality constitutes an integral part of me because I love my country. I love the spicy foods, the cool places to see, and of course, the loved ones I left behind. But I'm also an avid traveler and so far, living the USA for my college education hasn't been too much of a challenge. My other great love is anything to do with books. I'm an English major and I always look forward for anything new that I can read (although I have a soft spot for travel writing so I can indulge in some armchair travel when I can't fly).

I'm excited to go to London for Fall 2010 because the only other time I went to London I only stayed for four days... Not enough to experience a city!