Santa Clara University

Aaron Ho, MSIS Student

Aaron Ho

Current MSIS Student

I believe that it is important for IT leaders to understand the business aspects of technology use. I chose the MSIS program because it provides a significant combination of technological and business education. Through the MSIS program, you will learn how technology can improve an organization at many levels and in many dimensions.

In addition, Santa Clara University is the best place to pursue your graduate degree because the community on campus provides an atmosphere of support for students in both their education and their personal lives.

The program so far has helped me improve my ability to organize and setup projects at work. It has improved the way I analyze problems by providing me with the skill set necessary to break them down. Since the MSIS program is in the business school, you will get a chance to meet and network with a lot of people from various backgrounds and experience. It’s a great place to learn and grow as a leader.